Solving Hollywood's diversity problem + Climate change nightmares

by: Shannon M. Houston, via

Standout line: "For every Schumer, we should have at least five or 10 other female comics with their own shows, who are not going to go down in history. For every Kerry Washington, we should have five or 10 other black women leads on network TV shows that aren’t as popular as “Scandal.” For every Meryl Streep, we should have a slew of women over 50 who aren’t Oscar-nominated practically every year, but still get to do good work in Hollywood. This is what equality would look like."


The point of no return: Climate change nightmares are already here

by: Eric Holthaus, via

You live on this planet. You should read this. The first line says it all:
"Historians may look to 2015 as the year when shit really started hitting the fan."